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Following is a sampling of websites for whom we provide web design, SEO, internet marketing and search marketing services. Each site has its own story and is in different stages of our SEO and search marketing efforts.

As you review the search ranking results below...
YELLOW = PAGE 2 RANKING click here to view site

The mug shot on the home page of belongs to Maximize Management's Ron Hutton. This site supports a longtime running e-newsletter targeted at webmasters and online professionals.

When you look at the following search rankings, it's important to understand the competitiveness of the space with Google Video, YouTube, Revver and other streaming media sites now consistently in the top 20 most visited sites online every month. Anything video related is fiercely competitive. And yet, ranks #1 on Google for "free marketing tutorial video" with 2.7 Million competing pages indexed in Google.

GoThrive Search Ranking

Are there a lot of people searching for video turorials online? The following traffic stats indicate that the answer is a resounding "Yes".

GoThrive Traffic Stats click here to view site

HELLIER is an industrial and commercial nondestructive testing training services company. This site serves as their corporate face online and processes millions of dollars in course registrations each year. In the winter of 2007 / 2008 the site was completely rebuilt for appearance and SEO reasons. The former site could not be salvaged for good search ranking because of the way it was built. Prior to the beginning of this year, had no visibility in the search engines.

The following search rankings were achieved four months after the site's reconstruction.

HELLIER 4-Month Search Ranking

Monthly traffic continues to climb as search engines rank the new SEO-Optimized site...

HELLIER Traffic Stats click here to view website

This is another site owned by Maximize Management's Ron Hutton.

Ranked #1 by Google for 6 different keyword phrases. There's some competition out there too. The keyword phrase "free rotator service" has 1,540,00 competing pages indexed in Google.

Plug-In Profit Rotator Search Ranking click here to view site

Envelop Covers, owned by Shield Technologies, manufactures corrosion protective covers for the U.S. military as well as other industrial and commercial applications. This site has been around since 2004, but no SEO work had been done until the beginning of 2008.

The highest volume of internet traffic in this market keys in on "tarps", "heavy duty", "waterproof" and "corrosion protection". You'll notice that these are the terms we have targeted with very good results after four months.

Envelop Covers Search Ranking (You are here)

Following is a sampling of keywords and search terms that we are targeting online. Rankings have continued to improve each month.

Maximize Management Search Ranking
click here to view the current website  |  click here to view the NEW website under construction

Get Etched is a manufacturer of personalized gifts and collectibles laser etched in granite, marble and crystal. The current website was built by another website developer. To see our new design, click here.

SEO work began early in 2008. Here are some of the keywords and search phrases for which the site now ranks.

Get Etched Search Ranking

The web stats screen shot below shows a 30% improvement in average monthly visitors.

Get Etched Traffic Stats click here to view site

NOTES / COMMENTS: is an e-commerce site that was officially born in March, 2008. It continues to undergo product line expansion and search marketing development.

The following search rankings were achieved in 75 days.

BadlandKnives 75-Day Search Ranking

5,400+ visitors in the second month after launch is respectable for a new domain on a new hosting account...

Badland Knives Traffic Stats click here to view site

This site's owner would tell you that the budget to build the website was small, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do well in the search engines if your build things right from the beginning.

Downtown Used Furniture Search Ranking


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