Sales and revenue are the driving force in every business. Sales efforts must be focused to Maximize performance. A number of elements go into a successful sales effort.
Are the right products being sold to meet the customer's needs or are sales being made for the sake of sales?

Is the business providing the best customer service that it can provide?

Is the business increasing sales to its customer base?

Is the business gaining new customers?

Are margins being sacrificed in order to gain the sale?

Is the business getting the sales per head to sustain and grow the business?

Is the business sales team stable or losing its top performers?
Sales teams can be the most difficult group to manage and motivate. Let Maximize Management evaluate and develop sales strategies that focus and drive the sales effort to Maximize performance.

Expect Results...

** Turned around a situation where lack of sales direction and discipline was increasing support costs, increasing customer dissatisfaction, negatively impacting the development team and reducing gross margins. The selling approach of "whatever the customer wants" was resulting in each sale being a highly customized product with very high support costs.

The products were refined to better fit the market's requirements and a plan was put in place to discourage the sales team from selling into the wrong markets with the "whatever the customer wanted" approach. Customer satisfaction improved with a more disciplined sales team.


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