Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Transform your company's website into a virtual property that generates real assets.

Online MarketingThe Internet landscape and online user behavior is constantly evolving. If your company's website is the same static site built in 1998 and does no more than act as a nice online brochure, you are most certainly missing out on opportunities to grow your business and build long term assets.

"The U.S. Interactive Marketing Forecast" (Oct. 2007), describes an online ad marketplace that is expected to grow at exponential rates for the next five years. The report predicts that online advertising dollars spent will exceed $61 billion by the year 2012 and will be distributed across a variety of channels - some of which do not exist today.

The time is quickly approaching when your potential clients will be surfing the internet more than they are in front of a television. Mainstream businesses that embrace technological changes and online consumer behavior will open doors not previously available.

Is your company's website interactive and engaging? Or does it have the feel of an academic white paper?

Expect Results...

Maximize Management clients have hundreds of Page 1 rankings in Goolge, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Want proof? CLICK HERE to view a sampling of client sites, ranking results and traffic stats.

The top 20 most trafficked websites are either major search engines, massive streaming media portals or social networking sites. The only two exceptions in the top 20 currently include CNN and Amazon. Why is this true? The answer is simple. Internet users demand an interactive engaging experience.

You have eight seconds - Max - to either draw your visitors deeper into your website or loose them - possibly forever.

Maximize Management offers web design, SEO and online marketing services to improve search engine rankings, increase traffic and, most importantly, build assets by presenting a compelling marketing message that converts new sales leads into long term clients.

Following is a list of online marketing services available from Maximize Management:
Analysis and strategic planning based on online competitors, search demand, keyword value, keyword competition

Complete Search Engine Friendly Custom Website Redesign

Website Architecture Analysis & Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Streaming media integration to improve message delivery and sales conversion

Sales Conversion Optimization. Includes lead capture, automated follow-up system design, split testing, tracking and reporting

Usability Optimization

Website Analytics

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (campaign design, implementation and tracking)

Online Press Releases

List Building Strategies, Design and Implementation

e-Newsletter Publishing

Online Content Management & Syndication

Brand development

Live online event appearances

Web 2.0 community integration, including blogs, forums and bulletin boards.

Product Creation and Marketing, including Teleseminars, Webinars, Internet Talk Radio, RSS Feeds, Podcasting and Videocasting

Online Surveys

Affiliate Program Strategy Development, Design, Support and Implementation
If your potential clients are searching online for the products and services you offer (and they are), one of your highest priorities should be to appear when and where they're looking and to have an authoritative presense.

Let Maximize Management help transform your company's website into a virtual property that generates real assets.


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