Our Team

William C. De Temple

Mr. De Temple is a seasoned senior executive with a track record of more than twenty-five years of accomplishments in a number of industries both domestically and internationally. His passion is growing companies, whether it is a startup, a turnaround, a roll up, or taking it to the next level through organic growth. He has successfully defined new markets, increased market share and developed new product lines... MORE

Fred Schrantz

Fred Schrantz has over 35 years experience as a visionary and proactive leader who focuses on innovative solutions and who blends finance and operations into a winning synergy. Significant achievements in diverse industries including consumer electronics manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, direct marketing, energy / mining industry, wholesale distribution, petroleum wax products manufacturing, and also recreational products manufacturing / distribution... MORE

Ed Alvarez

Mr. Alvarez has demonstrated wide ranging, creative and analytical abilities over nearly 30 years of business experience. Before joining Maximize Management, Mr. Alvarez honed his knowledge of corporate finance, financial statement analysis, asset valuation and deal structuring working in one of the most challenging and competitive environments the business world, top tier Wall Street firms... MORE

Wayne Dicken

Mr. Dicken brings to Maximize Management, Inc. over 25 years of extensive operations experience in manufacturing, service and consumer goods sectors. Prior to joining Maximize Management he held progressive management roles at Union Carbide, Rhone Poulenc, Aventis and Bayer Crop Science. He was Branch Manager at Charleston National Bank and the Founder/ CEO/President of Caregiver Connections, a health care company. Most recently, he held the position of VP Operations at BPI International, Inc. a consumer goods company... MORE

Ron Hutton

Ron Hutton is an experienced sales and marketing manager, online marketing professional and webmaster with over 20 years of experience working for companies of all sizes from Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial startups. Having held positions as VP - Sales and Marketing, Director of Training and Divisional Sales Manager, Ron understands the importance of communications, work ethic and community... MORE

Ron Kiyohiro

Mr. Kiyohiro has over 25 years of senior management experience in sales and marketing covering a wide range of industries and business environments from large Fortune 1000 companies to small and medium sized private and publicly held companies. The environment has included entrepreneurial start-ups to leaders in their market segments, ranging from manufacturing and full distribution companies to distribution and service only companies... MORE

Robert Walker

Robert Walker has over 20 years experience in Senior Management and Executive Leadership. His focus has been on building winning teams with a strategic vision and the tactics to achieve their goals. He has a strong background in retail operations, consumer electronics, sales and marketing, real estate, business startups and brings an innovative thought process to all segments... MORE

Keith Myhre

Keith Myhre has over 30 years in his Hospitality Industry career instilled with a strong passion for quality since childhood after being raised working at his family's restaurant. Experience has brought him the ability to build focused teams of well-trained and motivated managers who provide quality leadership and insure the finest and most consistent food and service... MORE

Mike Riley

Mr. Riley has spent forty years as a senior corporate executive, first leading the marketing innovations of Fortune 500 firms, and later building marketing-driven startup firms. He first served for two decades as a strategic planning officer or partner of leading advertising agencies in Chicago and San Francisco. There he helped client firms like Procter & Gamble, Miles/Bayer, Coca-Cola, and Dole Foods to generate over $2 Billion in incremental annual sales by helping them to introduce a host of successful new products and brands... MORE

Jay Reidenbach

Jay Reidenbach has had more than 30 years of success as a Senior Executive in the telecommunications/data networking industry. He began his career with Bellsouth and held numerous positions in sales, sales management, marketing, services and public relations before becoming Vice President of Florida operations for a new division of AT&T. Jay was responsible for sales, marketing, client relationship, brand awareness and public relations for this computer, voice/data networking start-up... MORE

John Bruels

John Bruels is a seasoned COO/CEO with over 30 years of general management proficiency in growing companies and developing strategic and tactical plans that capitalize on the company's core competencies. His breadth of experience ranges from Fortune 500 companies including General Electric and Goodrich to managing a non-profit that included a portfolio of twenty-two small to midsized companies... MORE

John Flynn

John Flynn brings to Maximize Management over 30 years of senior leadership in Manufacturing, Engineering and Corporate Development. Most recently as President/ General Manager of a midsize plastics manufacturing and distribution company, John led sales and productivity growth while reducing customer complaints, OSHA IRR and overhead spending... MORE

James Mauer

Mr. Mauer brings over 25 years of successful and innovative management and leadership skills to the Maximize Management, Inc. team. The majority of his career has been progressive management positions for leading Department of Defense contractors such as General Electric, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin. Most recently, he was the President and COO of a midsize services company with technical employees located throughout the world and a rapid response supply chain organization maximizing availability of over 8000 Department of Defense training simulators at over 450 locations, including war zones... MORE


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